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Courtney Thompson
Senior Planner
27234 State Route 25 N    
Davenport, WA 99122


509-725-7911 or toll free at 888-725-7911
509-725-4467  Fax

509-348-0130  Cell

Hours: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:00 - 3:30 (Pacific) 

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Custom Map Request - Send this form in to have a custom map made!

A wide variety of maps are available here.  There are now detailed maps for every section in Lincoln County as well as larger maps that cover larger parts or even the entire county.  This page provides easy access to various map documents that have been prepared in a static Adobe Acrobat file however this does not allow for dynamic maps which you will still need to come into the office for. All documents are public domain and may be reproduced and distributed freely.  Note that some of the documents are fairly large and may take several minutes to open, especially if you do not have a fast internet connection.  We do sell copies of these maps at our cost if you come into our office at 27234 State Route 25 N, Davenport, WA. 

Survey Information: A CD containing scanned images of surveys is available for $50 from the Auditor's office. Please contact them directly to request a copy. Though these are scanned from the original recorded documents, only a photo copy from the original can be considered an official copy.  Survey records from the US BLM are hosted for free at the Washington State Public Land Survey Office website.

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Growth of a Nation: This is a good 10 minute lesson in geography.  The animated atlas of the US shows the development of the US.

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