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Building Division:  Lincoln County Land Services

Building Inspector, Chip Hunt
Hours: Monday-
7:00-3:30 (Pacific)  Friday's by appointment

27234 State Route 25 N                   Map   
, WA   99122

509 725-7911 or toll free at 888-725-7911.  For technical questions, it is easiest to reach the building inspector between 7:00 and 9:00 AM.  All scheduling must be done through this office number.

Fax: 725-4467

Forms, etc.

  1. Building Permit Request Form  * Note that a physical address must be assigned to the site before a building permit or septic permit (509-725-2501) can be applied for.  All utility companies will also need to have a physical address before they will connect service.  Click here for the address request form.  A list of exemptions can be found here The Tax Location Code for Lincoln County is very important to get right.
  2. Site Plan
  3. Inspection Affidavit (must have prior approval from Building Department)
  4. Site Built Residences
  5. Factory Built Residences
  6. Non-Residential
  7. Remodeling
  8. Plans
  9. Attics & Crawl Spaces
  10. Foundations
  11. Fees
  12. Title 15.16 Flood
  13. Building Code
  14. Contractors: A list of local building services providers
  15. Engineers
  16. Miscellaneous Service Providers
  17. Surveyors
  18. Information on Building Green
  19. Plumbing Testing
  20. Stairs
  21. LP Gas Container Location
  22. Smoke Alarms
  23. Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Foundation Walls
  24. Retaining Walls
  25. Setback Variance Request
  26. Many plans will require an engineer's stamp. See #13 above to for the list of engineers we have started to compile.
  27. A list of building permits issued is available here.  This list is comprehensive, beginning with January 1, 2007, and also contains many permits from previous years.  Note that you will need Microsoft Excel or its free viewer to look at this list.

Washington State:  Labor and Industries

Codes Used

Design Guidelines

  1. Minimum Snow Loads in Lincoln County: Roof 40 lb/sqft, Ground 50 lb/sqft

  2. Frost Depth is 30 inches (from finished graded to bottom of footing)

  3. Design for winds of 85 MPH

  4. Design for Exposure Class C

  5. Seismic Design Category C

  6. Termite Infestation: Slight to moderate.

  7. Radon: Zone 2, Moderate Potential (from 2-4 pCi/L).  EPA recommends that all homes that measure 4 and greater be mitigated.

  8. Rebar is not required in slabs but is highly recommended.

  9. Egress Windows:  5.7 Square feet minimum, 44" Maximum Sill Height.  All bedrooms must have egress windows.

  10. Railings must be a minimum of 36" tall (34" on stairs) on structures more than 30" high.

  11. Wood Stoves: Use the manufacturer's recommendations.

  12. ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)

  13. Click here to research the soils for your site.  There is a great deal of information available here that may help you plan the best building for your location.

Miscellaneous Notes and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. From the time that the building permit is issued, you have 180 days to start construction.  Permits become null and void if work or construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days.  The permit is valid for 18 months from the date it is issued.  The permit may be renewed for a period of 6 months if substantial progress is shown.

  2. If you choose to build in Lincoln County, you may at times have to wait in excess of a week for inspections.  We only have one inspector.  We will make every effort to work your inspection into the schedule within 2 business days but it is on a first come, first served basis.
  3. An additional $50 fee (minimum) may be assessed if excessive repeat inspections are required.  It is essential that you are ready for your inspection when you schedule it.  Please refer to the list of inspections appropriate to your project which are available at on this website.
  4. A confirmation letter from a public water system or a well log is required for a septic permit.  Well logs are available online at:
  5. Tax Location Code for Lincoln County  All contractors and/or subcontractors on projects in Lincoln County must know that the Sales/Use Tax four (4) digit location code for this construction project is:  #2200 - Unincorporated Lincoln County.  Use this code when completing the Washington Combined Excise Tax Return, "Local city and /or County Sales and Use Tax" Section.  Correct coding is vital to our community and required by law.  The cities or county receives a portion of the sales tax, determined by the code reported.  If a previous return has been miscoded or you have questions, please contact the Lincoln County Treasures Office at 509-725-5061, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

  6. The Washington State Department of Revenue has a Tax Rate Lookup Tool that may be useful to you

  7. Always Call Before You Dig, 8-1-1 or 509-456-8000 or 800-424-5555 (Free utility location service)

  8. Access permits are required for approaches to all county roads.
  9. Click here to look up a Contractor, Electrician or Plumber's License Information

  10. RCW 18.08 Architects (licensing).  See also WAC 308-12

  11. RCW 18.27 regulates the registration of contractors

  12. RCW 18.43 Engineers and land surveyors (licensing)

  13. For questions regarding the subdivision of property or County zoning, go to the Planning page.

  14. Code of the West

  15. Fireworks:  Refer to Chapter 212-17 WAC and Chapter 70-77 RCW.  Also reference 8.12 of the Lincoln County Code.  Fireworks are permitted in Lincoln County however if you are planning on setting off very many, please be sure to contact your local fire department and the Sheriff's Office (725-3501).  Fireworks are NOT permitted on the National Park Service ground or other Public ground (WA DNR, WA DFW, US BLM)

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